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Shoe factory "Yachting" provides an opportunity to order products in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer, depending on the production conditions and needs. Basic shoe models can be supplemented and modified to perfectly match corporate standards and take into account the specifics of production processes and the specialties of workers.

In addition to the modified shoe design, the following elements of the construction of work shoes can be selected:

  1. Sole PU, PU / PU, PU / TPU, nitrile rubber. On polyurethane and thermo-polished soles, it is possible to use corporate colors and different shapes and tread of the sole.
  2. Protective toe cap - thermoplastic (30 J), metal (200 J), polycarbonate (200 J) or fiberglass toe (200 J).
  3. Anti-puncture insole - metal, multi-layer Kevlar (protection against puncture 1200N).
  4. Upper material: Embossed cattle leather; Smooth hydrophobic chrome, nubuck in various colors.
  5. Dedicated forefoot and heel overlays: Extra "bump" outsole for scratch protection, TPU overlays or durable PU coated leather.
  6. It is possible to use special materials that improve the properties of shoes:
    • A membrane installed between the shoe upper and the lining wicks moisture vapor away from the foot, preventing water from entering the shoe.
    • Thinsulate (3M) of different density B200, B400, B800 will give the footwear additional resistance to low temperatures with the lightness of the footwear itself.
  7. The shoe lining can be made of 3D mesh for additional air exchange, typica, nap, felt, artificial, woolen or natural fur.
  8. Insole:
    • The main one is made of flexible insole material, thickness is 2 mm;
    • Anatomically shaped insert with soft polyurethane foam inserts, shock-absorbing insoles, additionally insulated, etc.

The huge variety of modern and traditional materials allows our designers to find the optimal solution so that the customer receives the perfect product in terms of design, protective properties and shoe cost.

The use of colored elements in the construction of shoes (soles, natural and artificial leather, threads, laces, lining), the application of logos and labels will create a single corporate style of the product. With all the open possibilities and the absence of restrictions by standard models, you can be sure that the current regulated requirements in the field of labor protection and the necessary regulatory and technical documentation will be observed.

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