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The work footwear market is extremely competitive and open to new players.
This circumstance pushes the company to a constant search for new equipment that improves the quality of products, the introduction of new innovative materials and processes into production.

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Since 2007, the enterprise has embarked on the path of constant re-equipment and replacement of outdated equipment. Systems for automatic design of shoes, automatic cutting of materials were introduced, allowing unprecedented precision of parts and elements of shoes, lines for automatic sewing of shoe upper blanks and, of course, injection molding equipment for direct inflow of the soles of various materials.
Modern machines at all stages of production - from designing shoes, cutting them, to sewing a workpiece, direct infusion of the sole of various modifications (one- and two-layer molding of polyurethane, a combination of polyurethane with thermopolyurethane (PU / TPU), polyurethane with rubber (PU / nitrile) and monolithic nitrile) allow you to create work shoes that are stable in their characteristics, regardless of the number of pairs released.
The equipment used at the enterprise meets the principles of "State of the art" and is presented only by the best European examples of such companies as Desma, Strobel, Durkopp Adler, Leibrock, Fortuna, Atom, Sazi, Sarema, Orisol, Main Group and others.

The availability of a complete fleet of modern equipment allows not only to automate processes and improve the quality of manufactured products, but also to reduce the cost of work shoes in order to offer the best product in the price-quality category, and what is important is to remove semi-finished products from third countries and industries from the production chain and concentrate all production and control over it at one production site. The advantage of this organization is the quality and flexibility of production, which reduces the time for the introduction of new models of safety footwear or changes in the existing basic models for specific customer requirements.

Realizing that good machines are not the only ingredients for success, we constantly improve the qualifications of our personnel, conducting training both directly at the workplace and sending our specialists to specialized courses, seminars and trainings.

The third cornerstone in the manufacturing process is the raw materials. For the purpose of constant quality control, we use our own testing laboratory, and also focus only on suppliers who have established themselves as reliable and stable, carrying out their own control of products in terms of physical, mechanical, organoleptic and protective properties. As a result of all processes, we use both the best imported materials (3M, Gore-tex, Astico, BASF, DOW, Flecksteel, SMAL, Cambrelle, etc.), and the most proven domestic materials within the framework of the import substitution program (Russian Leather, Tvermeh, Kirovsky Iskozh, etc.). Direct contracts without intermediary companies allow us to reduce the cost of finished shoes and improve interaction with suppliers in the supply of specific materials for individual customer requirements.

As a result, all three components - excellent shoe equipment, high-quality materials used, competent and qualified personnel of the enterprise, allow you to create products of European quality and at the same time be competitive in price even for products from China.

ERP enterprise management system based on Microsoft Dynamics Navision ® monitors the workload of machine centers of the enterprise and allows you to see and track orders at any stage and accurately control the process from launch to finished product release.

All elements, when put together, create consumer confidence and satisfaction in
characteristics of the resulting products!


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