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In the context of this document, the Dealer of the product manufacturer - YACHTING LLC (hereinafter - the Manufacturer) - means a legal entity with any form of ownership, performing on its own behalf and at its own expense intermediary functions between the Manufacturer and the end buyer (consumer) of its products , in transactions of purchase and sale of the Manufacturer's products.

A dealer is a special purchaser to whom the products are sold by the Manufacturer at a discount. The dealer has the right to:

  • represent the trade interests of the Manufacturer in the sale of its products,
  • be referred to as an official dealer of the Manufacturer.
  • This document defines:
  • the purpose of creating a dealer network of the Manufacturer,
  • the procedure for formalizing the relationship between the Manufacturer and the Dealer,
  • mutual obligations of the parties.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The purpose of creating a dealer network is to expand the sales market for the Manufacturer's products and generate additional profit by identifying new consumers, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

1.2. Achievement of this goal is expected due to:

  • creation and support of sales centers in the regions,
  • pursuing a unified pricing policy,
  • flexible policy on dealer discounts.

1.3. The main principle of the dealer policy pursued by the Manufacturer is the principle of honest and transparent partnership.

1.4. The Dealer's activities are carried out on the basis of agreements concluded between the Dealer and the Manufacturer:

  • a dealership agreement, which stipulates the mutual obligations of the Parties, the amount of price discounts provided to the Dealer and other conditions of commercial relations,
  • supply agreement, which stipulates the procedure and conditions for the supply of products

2. Dealer relations registration procedure

2.1. The dealer must be a well-to-do company. In the first year of cooperation, the Dealer buys products with an initial discount, but on a prepayment basis. After a year (if the case is successful - earlier), other payment options may be considered.

2.2. The Dealer status is assigned by the Manufacturer on the basis of:

  • letters of application, if the initiator of the partnership proposal is the applicant company,
  • address proposal of the Manufacturer, if the initiator of the partnership proposal is the Manufacturer.

In both cases, the applicant is invited to fill out an applicant's questionnaire (download the questionnaire in Russian and English) and a letter of application, where, in any form, state his proposals on the possibility and prospects of organizing sales of the Manufacturer's products for the next year.

Letters and offers are sent to the mail: dealers@yahting.biz or by fax +7 (8352) 53-88-32; 53-88-47

2.3. The received documents are reviewed by the Manufacturer within 10 days.

Based on the results of consideration, the Manufacturer decides to assign the Dealer status, or to reject the offer.

2.4. If a decision is made to assign the Dealer status, then in relation to the applicant company:

  • a dealership agreement is concluded,
  • a Dealer Certificate is issued,
  • a package of necessary documents is formed and transmitted.

The dealer agreement is drawn up for 1 year with the possibility of prolongation.

2.5. Depending on the volume of products purchased from the Manufacturer for the year, the Dealers are divided by the Manufacturer into groups. The amount of the dealer discount is set by the Manufacturer for each group separately.

2.6. An exclusive Dealer for the supply of the Manufacturer's products in a specific region is considered a Dealer whose annual volume of products purchased from the Manufacturer is more than 20 million rubles. In this case, the Manufacturer terminates the contracts with other Dealers located in the region and directs them to the exclusive dealer of the company.

2.7. If the application is rejected, the Manufacturer sends the applicant company a written response explaining the reason for the rejection.

3. Dealer's responsibilities.

The dealer undertakes:

3.1. Observe the terms and procedure for payments for the Products.

3.2. Sell ​​Products under the brand name of the Yachting shoe factory, according to the names, original markings, and articles of the Factory. Include the entire range of the Plant's Products in your assortment lists, price lists.

3.3. Advise consumers of the Products on the exact purpose, rules of operation, maintenance, storage, as well as inform consumers about all new Products in the assortment of the Plant.

3.4. Position the Products in accordance with the recommendations of the Factory.

3.5. At the request of end users, if data about them were transferred by the Plant to the Dealer, make every possible effort to sell the Products.

3.6. Carry out warranty obligations for the Products, completely similar to the warranty obligations provided to the Dealer by the Factory.

3.7. The Dealer undertakes the obligation to conduct tests of the Plant's products at production enterprises - direct consumers of the Plant's products with the obligatory receipt of test certificates on its own behalf and at its own expense. The dealer is obliged to conduct product tests at least at 5 industrial enterprises on a quarterly basis and submit test reports to the Plant.

3.8. At the request of the Plant, provide a quarterly report in writing on its dealer activities - on the number of tests carried out, the received test certificates and lists of the Dealer's customers who consume the Products of the Plant.

3.9. To report the facts of falsified and counterfeit products appearing on the market under the trademark of the Yachting shoe factory.

3.10. Ensure the availability of a stock of Products in your warehouse and agree on the amount of the minimum stock with the Plant.

3.11. Conduct a full range of advertising marketing activities to increase sales of Yachting products, including:

  • organization of an exhibition stand with the products of the Plant in the Dealer's sales area;
  • making presentations of the Plant's products at industrial enterprises;
  • posting on its website, on the Internet, information about the complete model range of the Plant's products.

3.12. Not to sell the Products of the Plant at prices lower than the prices indicated in the price list of the Plant.

4. Obligations of the manufacturer.

The plant undertakes:
4.1. Transfer the Products to the Dealer in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

4.2. Provide the Dealer with advisory assistance and provide the Dealer with information on the exact purpose, rules of operation, maintenance, storage of the Products.

4.3. Provide advertising and information materials on the products of the Plant in the volumes agreed by the parties.

4.4. As agreed by the Parties, assist the Dealer in promoting the Products by holding joint presentations and other events.

4.5. Train the Dealer's personnel on the correct positioning of the Products, methods of promoting the Products, as well as the properties and characteristics of the products. Such training should be carried out at least once a year. The dealer is obliged to create the necessary conditions for such training.

4.6. Carry out warranty obligations for the Products in accordance with the conditions specified in the passport of the Products.

5. Final provisions

At the end of the year, based on the results of joint activities, the Manufacturer decides to extend the dealer Agreement for the next calendar year. The Dealer Agreement may be terminated in cases where the Dealer has violated its terms.

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