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Rules for the operation of work shoes

Mandatory requirements for the care of work shoes:

  • The selection and distribution of work and special footwear should be carried out in accordance with the working conditions of the employee. Shoes should be matched to the size of the feet;
  • When issuing shoes equipped with an inset insulating stocking, the volume of the stocking must be taken into account. The marking on the sole of the boot must be one size larger than the actual size of the worker's shoe;
  • After use, the shoes must be cleaned of dirt without damaging the upper and lower materials. It is not allowed to clean shoes with organic solvents;
  • Leather shoes should be lubricated with shoe cream at least once a week;
  • Drying of shoes should be carried out in a straightened form in a special ventilated room or in dryers at a temperature of +35°…+40°С. In the dryer, shoes should be put on the hanger vertically, with the soles up.

The manufacturer guarantees that the footwear meets the requirements of the standard stated on the labeling, provided that the consumer observes the conditions of operation, transportation and storage.

Please note: The analysis of the operation of work footwear at enterprises has shown repeated violations of the rules for drying and caring for leather shoes. In fact, shoes are dried on radiators and central heating batteries in an unfolded state, which does not lead to complete drying, but only to overdrying the surface of the shoes. The consequence of this is deformation of natural leather, insufficient drying of lining and cushioning materials due to a sharp temperature drop, there is a significant deterioration in the operational and consumer properties of shoes, loss of quality and protective characteristics, up to the destruction of the material and peeling of the sole from the top.

The warranty period for wearing shoes is 70 days from the date of issue.

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