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In the context of this document, Dealer – legal entity, purchasing from LLC “Yahting” and selling its products at the sector of goods market.

Dealer is a special buyer, who buys goods from Manufacturer with discount. Dealer has the right to:

  • represent commercial interests of producers in the implementation of its products,
  • именоваться официальным дилером Производителя.
  • This document defines:
  • Manufacturer goal of dealer network,
  • order of registration of the relationship between manufacturers and dealers,
  • the mutual obligations of the parties.

1. General provisions

1.1. The purpose of dealers’ network is to expand market for Manufacturer’s products and gain additional profit due to new consumers in the territory of Russian Federation and beyond it.

1.2. To achieve this purpose is supposed by:

  • creating and maintaining sales centers in regions,
  • of the common price policy,
  • flexible policy on dealer discounts.

1.3. Basic principal for Manufacturer’s policy to Dealers is honest and transparent partner relations.

1.4. Dealer activity is based on contracts made between Dealer and Manufacturer:

  • dealer agreement, which sets out the mutual obligations of the Parties, given the size of dealer price discounts and other terms of the commercial relationship,
  • supply contract, which specifies the order and conditions of supply of products.

2. Procedure for dealer contract

2.1. Dealer shall be a financially independent company. During first year, Dealer purchase products with initial discount but on advanced payment terms. In a year (in case of success, earlier), other variants of payment terms may be considered.

2.2. Granting Dealer status is based on:

  • letters of application, if the initiator of the partnership is to offer the company-applicant,
  • address the manufacturer's suggested, if the initiator of the partnership proposal is a Manufacturer.

In both cases, applicants are requested to fill the applicant form (download the application form on Russian and English) and a letter of application, where in any form, to present their proposals on the possibility and prospects of the organization sales producers in the coming year.

Letters and proposals are sent to email: dealers@yahting.biz or fax +7 (8352) 53-88-32; 53-88-47

2.3. Documents obtained are considered by the Manufacturer within 10 days.

Based on the results of consideration, the Manufacturer makes decision on designation as Dealer or rejection of proposal.

2.4. If it was decided to assign a Dealer, in relation to applicant company:

  • Dealer Contract is concluded,
  • Dealer Certificate is issued,
  • Batch of necessary documents is developed and surrendered.

Dealer Contract is executed for 1 year and then can be extended.

2.5. Depending on products volume, purchased from Manufacturer, Dealers are divided by Manufacturer into groups.

2.6. Exclusive Dealer of Manufacturer products is considered to be a Dealer in certain region, whose purchase volume is over 20,000,000 Rouble. In this case, Manufacturer shall cancel agreements with other Dealers, located in this region.

2.7. In case of rejection of proposal, Manufacturer shall submit to the declarant company a written notification with grounds for rejection.

3. Dealer’s liabilities.

Dealer is obliged to:
3.1. Keep the terms and procedure of payment for Products.

3.2. Sell Products under the trademark of LLC “Yahting”, according to names, original markings, articles of the Manufacturer.

3.3. Consult consumers of the Products on the exact purpose, rules of use, maintenance, storage.

3.4. Promote products according to Manufacturer’s recommendations.

3.5. Upon end consumers’ requests, if they are submitted to Manufacturer, shall do its best to sell products.

3.6. Perform Products warranty liabilities that are identical with warranty liabilities, granted to the Dealer by the Manufacturer.

3.7. Dealer shall be responsible for Manufacturer’s products testing at production enterprises at his expenses – direct consumers of products with obligatory obtaining test certificates. The testing shall be performed at least at 5 companies each four month; test results shall be submitted to Manufacturer.

3.8. Upon Manufacturer request, shall provide report on dealer activity, number of tests, certificates and list of Manufacturer’s products consumers in written form.

3.9.Provide information on adulterated and counterfeit products, entering the market under the trade mark of “Yahting”.

3.10. Provide Products stock at warehouse and agree with the Manufacturer minimum stock size.

3.11. Arrange full range of promotional and marketing activities, contributing to increase in volume in sales of “Yahting” products, including:

  • arrangement of exposition stand with Manufacturer’s Products in the salesroom of the Dealer;
  • organization of Manufacturer’s Products presentation at industrial plants;
  • allocation of information on Manufacturer product range in its website.

3.12. Shall not sell Manufacturer products for price lower than it is specified in Manufacturer’s price-list.

4. Manufacturer liabilities.

Manufacturer is obliged to:
4.1. Deliver products to the Dealer as agreed by the contract.

4.2. Consult Dealer and provide to the Dealer information on the exact intended use, instructions for use, maintenance, storage of Products.

4.3. Provide promotional materials on Manufacturer’s Products in agreed by the Parties volumes.

4.4. pon mutual agreement of the Parties, help Dealer in Products promotion by holding cooperative presentations and other activities.

4.5. Conduct training for Dealer personnel in correct positioning of Products, methods of Products promotion, as well as properties and characteristics of Products. Dealer shall provide necessary conditions for arrangement of such trainings

4.6. Administer warranty liabilities for the Products according to the current GOST.

5. Final provisions

Upon one year results of mutual business, Manufacturer shall make a decision on prolonging dealer contract for next calendar year. Dealer contract may be cancelled, if Dealer has violated its terms.