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Occupational footwear production market is extremely competitive and open to new players.
This makes the company to seek for new equipment, enhancing product quality, introduction of innovative materials and technologies in the production.

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Since 2007 the company placed a bet on innovation-based development and technical upgrading, replacement of old-fashioned equipment. Innovative technologies in shoe-making had become operational for computer-aided footwear design, automated pattern cutting, automated line for uppers manufacture, polyurethane and rubber sole injection lines of various density.
Modern machines for all stages of production - from shoes designing, pattern cutting to uppers making, sole direct injection for different models (single and double density PU/TPU, combination of PU/nitrile rubber, pure rubber) allow to make occupational footwear with high quality regardless to amount of pairs.

Company’s used equipment comply with state of the art norms and is represented by best European samples, such as: Desma, Strobel, Durkopp Adler, Leibrock, Fortuna, Atom, Sazi, Sarema, Orisol, Main Group and others.

Availability of modern equipment allows not only to automize processes and improve quality, but also reduce production cost of work shoes in order to offer best product in terms of quality-price. It is critically to avoid intermediate production in third countries. The advantage if this approach is quality and flexibility of production, which reduce time for new models or modifications in old models introduction to meet customers’ needs.

We understand that the components to success are not only machines, but human resources. We constantly re-educate the personnel, providing on-site training and also send our professionals to specialization courses, seminars.

The third cornerstone for production process is raw materials. For permanent quality control, we use our own testing lab and only proven suppliers, who effects their own control of physical and mechanical, organoleptic and protective properties. So we use the best imported materials(3M, Gore-tex, Astico, BASF, DOW, Flecksteel, SMAL, Cambrelle, and etc.). Direct contracts without third companies allow us to reduce cost of finished footwear and improve suppliers’ interaction for individual buyer requirements.

Eventually all three components - good shoe-making equipment, quality raw materials and competent personnel allow to make European quality product at the same time to compete with China products in price.

Enterprise management system ERP based on Microsoft Dynamics Navision ® monitors production load for company’s machines and enables to control orders at any of stage of their production process from the start to finished product yield.

All elements taken together build customer confidence and satisfaction in products specification!


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