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Occupational footwear maintenance

Obligatory requirements to occupational footwear care:

  • Selection of occupational and safety footwear should be performed in compliance with work conditions. Footwear selection should be performed per footstep size;
  • When footwear is complemented with heat-insulating stocking, the stoking volume should be considered. Boots sole marking must one size bigger than actual size of a worker;
  • At wear, shoes should be cleaned off dirt without damage of upper materials. It is forbidden to clean shoes with organic solvents;
  • Leather shoes must be cared with shoe cream at least once a week;
  • Shoe drying must be performed outspread in specially ventilated room or in dyers at +35°…+40°С. It must be placed sole up

Manufacturer guarantees shoes compliance with requirements specified on markings if consumers follow maintenance, transportation and storage conditions.

Notice: Occupational footwear maintenance analysis showed that companies violate rules on leather shoes care and drying. Actually shoes are dried on radiators of heat supply in non-outspread state, which leads to non-complete drying and over-drying. As a result of it, deformation of natural leather, non-sufficient drying of lining materials, as well as deterioration of wear and consumer characteristics, loss of quality and protection properties, almost materials destruction and sole peeling from upper are observed.

Warranty period – 70 days from wear date.