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Yahting” shoe-making factory procurement department regularly purchase the required raw materials and parts for production, as well as shoe machines and spare parts to them. If you company is a manufacturer, official distributer or supplier of shoe materials or any other applied in occupational and safety footwear production, you are welcome with your offers.

Our process engineers and shoe designers will always consider new technologies, innovative materials, which improve product quality, environmental solutions. If you have such solutions and want to offer them, we are open for cooperation and study the possibility of their introduction into mass production.

You may use the following contacts:

Rostov Sergey Anatolevich
tel. +7 (8352) 53 88 32 (add 116)
+7 (8352) 53-88-03 (add 107)
e-mail: roshtov@yahting.biz
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Kuzmin Yuri Ivanovich
tel. +7 (8352) 53 88 32 (add 118)
e-mail: urik1961@mail.ru

Import supply and equipment issues:

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Nikita Smirnov Vladimirovich
tel. +7 (8352) 53 88 32 (add 123)
e-mail: nikita@yahting.biz

Approximate volumes for monthly purchase of basic materials:

Name Volume 
Cow leather with print for uppers, in range 3 000 000 dm2
Cow and pig leather, in range 200 000 dm2
Steel and composite toe caps 200 Joule EN 12568, in range; steel anti-puncture midsoles EN 12568 45 000 pairs
Polyurethane multi-component systems for sole injection, thermo-polyurethane 35.000 kg
Nitrile rubber for construction of heat-resistant sole by injection method 10 000 kg
Non-woven fabric for input insocks (2 mm) 300 000 dm2
ИArtificial leather, in range 5 000 m2
Lining materials, in range 10000 m2
Woolen fur on knitted base, GOST 28367-94 2000 m2
Natural fur for footwear (sheep), fleece height at least 10 mm GOST 4661-76 4000 m2
Shoe accessories (rings, eyelets, buckles, rivets) 10 000 000 pcs

The following materials are also required:

  • Materials for protective onlays on toe and heel parts (leather with PU coating, synthetic, wear-resistance, oil proof materials, TPU onlays and the like)
  • Synthetic threads, bondized and non-bondized
  • Shoe laces: flat, various length and color scheme
  • The retroreflective material and the individual elements for shoes
  • PVC logos
  • Nylon materials (100% nylon) for uppers with water and oil-repellent properties, pl600 and 1000D
  • Nylon lining for shoes, including glue based, double-plied with foam polyurethane; volume lining materials (3D-mesh)
  • Multi-layered synthetic heat-insulators of different density like Thinsulate B400
  • Nylon shoe lining materials, including glue-based, double-plied with foam polyurethane
  • Vinyl artificial leather on knitted base for collars
  • Multi-layered non-woven fabric for anti-puncture insole, at least 1200 N
  • Materials for reinforced toe caps and counters (nitrile artificial leather, thermoplastic)
  • Materials for input insocks (stapor and others) and finished anatomic insocks
  • Foamed materials for collars and soft insertions (foam polyurethane, isolon)
  • Lining materials
  • Corrugated boxes for individual pair and group of pairs

Shoe-making factory regularly orders:

  • Double-layering of lining materials
  • Logo application